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We are proud to present our patented technology EarQuake enabling very precise visual and automatic inspection of sound quality.

SouniQ delivers this new industrial quality tool for a wide range of applications including gear boxes, bearings, electrical motors, fans, compressors etc. In short terms – all kinds of rotating machinery.

Have you ever listened to a device and found that its emitted sound is not satisfying?

Perhaps even with consequently lack of living up to your normal high quality and thus requiring costly repairs?

And, the same device is showing perfect results in your normal test setup and slips through your quality inspection?

Then please proceed reading...we might have the right solution for you.


New website.

Souniq is pleased to present our new website. We hope you like it.

Welcome. Come back soon.

About SouniQ

SouniQ specializes in PC-based test and measurement systems used for production testing in a wide range of applications.

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We deliver semi-automatic test systems and fully automated production test systems to detect clicks, distortion, mechanical faults, sound annoyance, rattles etc.

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